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My life is a happy mix of making art, teaching, playing, and traveling!  I created Wild Human, a community events collective on the southwest side of Chicago, where I host cacao ceremonies and moon ceremonies, yoga and meditation workshops, and intentional wellness events.  

In 2013, I graduated law school from the University of Michigan, and moved to Chicago to work as a trial attorney.  After three years working as a lawyer, I craved an outlet for expression and started painting.  Since 2016, I have been showing my artwork in shows and exhibitions, painted murals, and taught creativity workshops.  I began traveling more and more, growing more inspired to create a life I was EXCITED about.  In 2019, I took the leap and left my law firm.  I took time for creating and exploring!  Riding horses through Iceland...dancing in the Belizean jungle... hiking volcanoes and fresh springs in New Zealand... I kept saying YES to new experiences--and I was always rewarded.  

In 2019, I spent a month in Sacred Valley, Peru, studying yoga, meditation, sacred plants, and spiritual ceremony with Kula Collective (RYT200). I learned so much, and found connection and balance.  Over the last few years, through deep work and ceremony, I shed doubts and fears that were no longer serving me, and grew stronger, becoming my own best healer.  I felt empowered, balanced, connected.  I couldn't wait to share this healing with my clients and students in Chicago, and continued holding space and leading events and workshops on meditation, self-love, and sacred plant medicines.  

In everything I do, my message is that JOY is our birthright.  I truly believe that God/Universe/Spirit has our back and wants us to be happy!  I work with students and clients to help them create more joy, creativity, and balance in their life, and help them come back to a life they love.


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